Dream, Dream, Dream: Ah, the 'Ideate' phase - where our creative spirits run wild.


Picture a brainstorming session that feels like a brainstorming party. We toss ideas like confetti. Let's say we're reimagining a music streaming app. We'll be dreaming up features that make your playlist sing! Think personalized playlists, collaborative mixes, and real-time lyrics. We're the dreamers, and in this phase, there's no limit to our imagination.

Our deliverables

Collaborative idea generation process encouraging creative solutions to design challenges within a team.
Goal Statement
Clear expressions of what a project aims to achieve, providing a guiding direction for design efforts in the design thinking process.
Story Board
Sequential visual representation outlining key interactions or scenarios within a user’s journey through a product or service.
The most basic version of a product including essential features, developed to gather feedback for iterative improvement.
User Flow
Visual representation of the steps a user takes to accomplish a specific task within a product or service.
Lo-Fi Wireframes
Low-fidelity sketches representing the structure and layout of a user interface without detailed design elements.
Hi-Fi Wireframes
High-fidelity detailed representations of a user interface incorporating visual design elements to closely resemble the final product.